Complementing her 30+ years’ experience as a nationally ranked lawyer and leading litigator specializing in business, consumer, employment and class action matters, Ariana J. Tadler is a gracious and tenacious thought leader, speaker and author. Her library of topics is broad, reflective of her experience as a lawyer, managing partner, business owner, entrepreneur, consumer, spouse, parent, and mentor.

Ariana regularly lectures and speaks as a keynote presenter at industry, firm, company, and school events; orchestrates / participates in interactive panel discussions; and writes informative, best-practice, thought-provoking articles to guide and mentor lawyers, entrepreneurs, business teams, young and junior professionals, and students. 

Comfortable engaging with audiences in large or small settings, Ariana’s confidence, acumen, and energy are a powerful combination that naturally resonates with people and permeates a room, making her a frequent repeat contributor across multiple mediums and venues.



Skilled, tenured, and respected across multiple disciplines, Ariana shares her legal and business acumen and thought leadership with organizations seeking to amplify their knowledge on multiple topics.

  • Ariana is a goto speaker and author for organizations worldwide about the complexities and nuances of litigation.
  • Ariana regularly speaks on the topic of “Credibility First.” Without credibility with your client, your adversary, and your judge/arbitrator, you will be hard-pressed to move forward and succeed.
  • Ariana breaks down the components of litigation, each of which requires legal aptitude and strategic thinking.

Ariana leverages her extensive knowledge and experience in the niche field of eDiscovery to educate audiences on the ever-evolving world of electronic and digital data in discovery.

  • Ariana is the original author of The Jumpstart Outline, now in its Third Edition, published by The Sedona Conference®.
  • Ariana served for five years as Chair and continues to serve as Chair Emeritus of The Sedona Conference’s®. Steering Committee for Working Group 1 on Electronic Document Retention and Production, the preeminent “think tank” on eDiscovery.
  • Ariana serves on the Advisory Board of Georgetown University Law Center’s Advanced eDiscovery Institute, where she has helped educate the bench and bar on eDiscovery issues.
  • Ariana served as the Executive Director for the Board of Advisors of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law’s Data Law Initiative (CDLI), transitioning from that role, among others, to focus on her appointment to the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee. In June 2023, United States Supreme Court Justice Roberts extended Ariana’s service for an additional year, after having served two 3-year terms.

With more than 20 years of law firm management experience, and having built a legal services company, Meta-e Discovery LLC, which is now part of Repario Data, and now her law firm, Tadler Law LLP, Ariana knows what it takes to build, manage, and grow a business.

  • Ariana speaks about effective management – the key skills to building, managing, trusting, and nurturing a team.
  • An avid student herself, Ariana is always reading new literature, meeting with coaches and guides, and participating in courses and webinars. She tests the skills that she learns in managing her own businesses and shares best practices.

Ariana is highly regarded as the ultimate professional. She believes that over the past several years, the art of professionalism has been lost – Ariana is intent on helping others find it!

  • Ariana speaks about candor, communication, credibility, reliability, compassion, and building trust.
  • Ariana teaches students and junior / aspiring professionals practical skills to prepare them for the real-life practice of law and working in a corporate setting.

Ariana is renowned for her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. In 2022, she earned her Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

  • Ariana teaches key skills required to be an effective leader.
  • Ariana is committed to empowering women, teaching them tips and tools for leadership, entrepreneurship, business management, team building and key life skills.


Whether your organization seeks specific guidance on a particular topic, inspirational leadership and motivation, a maestro (or participant) that actuates intelligent panel discussions on legal matters or a combination of the three, Ariana Tadler is a catalyst that instills a powerful blend of multiple attributes to optimize your events. 

  • Confidence – confidence that commands attention and instills trust from moment one
  • Acumen – 30+ years of experience across multiple facets of law, business, and life
  • Energy – positive, “make things happen” energy that motivates audiences to take action
  • Vibe – driven, compassionate, and inspirational aura that permeates rooms and energizes audiences to be active participants


Whether featured as a keynote speaker, a panel moderator / participant, or as an educational lecturer, Ariana brings a wealth of acuity, energy, and experience to every engagement. Regardless of format, Ariana openly collaborates with each client throughout all phases to ensure she produces and delivers powerful, valuable content that will leave audiences asking for more.  

  • Keynote Speaker – featured speaker at industry, firm, or company events at large / small venues
  • Panel Moderator – fluent panel moderator to lead, orchestrate, and optimize group discussions
  • Panel Participant – articulate, experienced, prepared, collaborative panel participant to maximize panel discussions
  • Lecturer – inspiring educator to teach, mentor, and guide people who want to learn and be inspired


Always active, Ariana dedicates a significant amount of time and effort to delivering compelling content in multiple formats to audiences in the US, UK, EU, and beyond.  Please take a moment to visit the “Learn” section of our website where you’ll find the most recent engagements Ariana has had the pleasure of participating in during 2022-2023. 

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Balancing due diligence with agility, Ariana moves fast.  To stay abreast of her upcoming engagements, make sure to check back often to stay aligned and on the top of your game.

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