Class actions are intricate legal matters that necessitate extensive discovery, the procedure by which parties exchange facts about the case. Class action lawsuits are an efficient approach for addressing widespread issues that impact a significant number of individuals, without the need for each person to file their own separate claim.

Typically, a few individuals, known as class representatives, initiate a lawsuit on behalf of everyone else who has been similarly affected by the wrongful conduct. For instance, if a specific model of SUV has a defective steering wheel that affects thousands of consumers, one plaintiff can bring a lawsuit against the SUV manufacturer on behalf of the entire class of individuals affected by the steering wheel issue. Although these cases are often filed in federal court, they may also be filed in state courts.

Usually, a single class action includes several class representatives, and cases may be filed in various jurisdictions depending on where the plaintiffs and defendants are located. The individual cases are then consolidated in a single court before one judge. Once consolidated, the class action litigation can proceed.

If you serve as a class representative, you may be required to provide detailed information and produce relevant documents, sit for a deposition, and testify at trial if necessary. While many class actions settle prior to trial, some cases can take several years to resolve. However, some courts have implemented expedited procedures to shorten the time frame for plaintiffs to obtain a more prompt class action resolution. 


Tadler Law’s team of nationally recognized, award-winning lawyers are experts in the field of electronic discovery, equipped with the technical abilities to address complex matters that arise during cases. This proficiency provides a considerable strategic advantage in litigation because technology plays a pivotal role in class actions, involving the types of documents exchanged, communication platforms used, and the enormous amount of data stored by large corporations.

Furthermore, our lawyers have been appointed to leadership roles in significant class actions across different jurisdictions by federal and state judges. We have successfully led major cases, including those involving data breaches, consumer fraud, and product defects.

Our extensive experience allows us to litigate cases confidently and efficiently across multiple types of class action matters including:

  • Consumer Fraud / False Advertising / Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Data Breach / Data Privacy
  • Antitrust (Anticompetitive Business Practices)
  • Securities Fraud

Additionally, Tadler Law is thoughtful and attentive to its clients, and we aim to be collaborative. We are not a large firm where your case will get lost in the shuffle, but instead we have a lean team dedicated to client service. We keep our clients in the loop throughout their entire case.

If we file a class action on your behalf, we do not charge you any hourly fees or expenses. Instead, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not get paid any money unless we obtain financial compensation or equitable relief on behalf of the class of impacted individuals.


There is an almost endless list of what can be the subject of a class action lawsuit. Common types of class actions include matters involving antitrust, employment, environmental, securities, civil rights, and more. Our firm is equipped to handle virtually any type of class action case where we believe our clients can be successful. If you or someone you know believes that a group of people has suffered damage due to the actions of a bad actor, we will take the time needed to listen to your story and give you our best advice regarding how to move forward, if possible. The types of class actions our firm most commonly handles include:


Tadler Law’s accomplished attorneys are dedicated to pursuing legal action against corporate giants on behalf of consumers who have fallen victim to fraud, deceptive practices, or have purchased defective or unsafe products. Our firm has successfully represented plaintiffs in high-profile cases, including actions against Apple for alleged iPhone throttling, Sensa for misrepresenting the effectiveness of their weight loss product, and food companies such as FritoLay, Tyson, and ConAgra for misleading “all natural” labeling on products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


At Tadler Law, we tirelessly advocate for consumers who have suffered harm due to massive data breaches and violations of their personal and data privacy rights. Our attorneys possess deep expertise in handling complex and technical cases, employing innovative legal theories to combat evolving cybersecurity and data privacy threats. Our firm has been involved in landmark data privacy class action matters, representing clients affected by significant breaches at Facebook, Marriott, Equifax, Yahoo!, and Anthem. Leveraging our extensive experience in data breach litigation and eDiscovery best practices, we effectively litigate these cases to their successful resolution. As consumer data becomes increasingly valuable, these cases continue to gain immense relevance and significance.


The class action attorneys at Tadler Law possess a wealth of knowledge in litigating national antitrust matters across various industries, including the pharmaceutical sector. Our attorneys are adept at handling substantial cases that expose anticompetitive conduct, such as price-fixing, pay-for-delay agreements, monopolization, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, patent suppression, and refusals to deal. Partner A.J. de Bartolomeo’s expertise is exemplified by her appointment to the Direct Purchaser’s Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in the In re Glumetza Antitrust Litigation, a case alleging violations of federal antitrust laws related to the pricing of the diabetes prescription drug Glumetza.

Additionally, our attorneys have successfully litigated major antitrust cases in other industries, including consumer electronics and financial services. For instance, A.J. de Bartolomeo played a pivotal role as part of the Trial Prep Committee when her previous firm served as Liaison Counsel in the In re TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litigation, a groundbreaking lawsuit against leading global electronics manufacturers. The case alleged a cartel’s price-fixing of LCD displays used in various products and resulted in settlements exceeding $400 million.


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