Tadler Law attorneys exude unparalleled acumen and power in the conference room¹, boardroom² and courtroom³, instilling clients with calm confidence throughout the entire legal process.
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Tadler Law attorneys are savvy litigators that listen, learn and leverage their legal and business acumen as cases evolve to maximize results.
Savvy Negotiators
Blending legal, business and common sense knowledge, Tadler Law attorneys are savvy negotiators that maximize optimal outcomes.
Thought Leaders
Tadler Law attorneys are engaging thought leaders that produce and present powerful educational content in multiple formats to mentor and inspire clients, colleagues and peers.
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Built and inspired by strong, intelligent women, Tadler Law empowers women to challenge themselves and break through barriers.
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Tadler Law is an agile, women-owned and managed law firm with a national practice specializing in class action, complex litigation, risk management, antitrust, and strategic legal business consulting services. Fueled via a potent blend of litigation acumen, relentless grit, and genuine empathy, Tadler Law attorneys exude unparalleled insight and presence in the conference room, boardroom and courtroom, instilling clients with the confidence and calm they need from initial discovery to final resolution.

Recognized and lauded by peers, clients and competitors as one of the top female-owned law firms in the United States, Tadler Law continues to practice and perfect its confidence-building, case-winning litigation services nationwide from its headquarters in New York.


Tadler Law attorneys exude unparalleled acumen and power in the conference room¹, boardroom², and courtroom³, instilling clients with calm confidence throughout the entire legal process.

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Skilled in class actions, business, and commercial litigation and business and employment disputes, Tadler Law attorneys are savvy, bold litigators who command attention, garner respect, and generate positive outcomes.

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Armed with a potent blend of legal and business experience, coupled with common sense, Tadler Law attorneys are savvy negotiators who quickly adapt as matters evolve to maximize optimal outcomes.

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Provided directly by our valued clients, please take a few moments to immerse yourself in some of the kind works proactively shared by the people we represent across multiple matters, markets and disciplines.  Please visit our “Testimonials” page within the “About” section of our website for additional client feedback.

As a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion, I am fortunate to have a platform from which to fight for the values I believe in, hold dear, and try to live by – – to be a trailblazer and an activist for equal pay, athletes’ rights, diversity, and gender equality. 

A J de Bartolomeo was my advisor, advocate, expert class action attorney, and critical member of the legal team that represented me in my Equal Pay Act and Title VII discrimination case against the US Soccer Federation. Our priorities and values aligned in my quest for equal pay in sports and the restoration of integrity within the Federation. Standing up to U.S. Soccer in court was an achievement personally and professionally, and our fight for my goals of equal pay and honor continues. A J showed up for me with courage, integrity, and effective legal representation, even when it was not the easy path. Because the righteous path is seldom the easier one.

Hope Solo – USA Olympic Soccer Team

“From the start of the eDiscovery revolution, Ariana J. Tadler has been recognized as one of the leading plaintiff attorneys in the United States. She is respected by lawyers across the United States and Canada for her intellect, her work ethic, and her creativity.”

Larry Center, former Georgetown University Assistant Dean of Continuing Legal Education

“As a longtime board member, former board chair and event committee co-chair, Ariana has provided Mobilization for Justice with invaluable advice and counsel in development, communications, community-building, and project execution. Ariana’s attention to detail, clarity and no-nonsense business acumen has helped us build strategic partnerships, fundraise, and work through challenges. With Ariana as co-chair of our 60th Anniversary gala, we raised over $1 million – a new milestone for us – and secured several new sponsors.”

Tiffany Liston, Executive Director Mobilization for Justice, Inc.

“I felt instantly part of a family of experts that was willing to offer support, advice, and action and empowered me when I was at my weakest. The team energized me with their positive outlook and shear strength. They gave me a voice when I didn’t have one, they gave me multiple angles to think about, they made things easy for me to understand. I was aware of all plans before they happened.  My case had so many twists and turns. Ariana called me with updates, shared the strategy ahead of time, and when she thought of something or an angle, she called me to ask.  I just felt protected, but it made me feel like no one could mess with me with Ariana on my side. I feel very lucky.”

Scott Graves



Blending legal prowess and confidence in the courtroom, Tadler Law attorneys are master litigators that research, orchestrate and present potent arguments to optimize case outcomes.

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From breach of contract to business torts, corporate fraud and beyond, Tadler Law attorneys provide advanced business litigation experience to all phases of disputes to resolve cases expeditiously.

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Having lead multiple state and federal class action lawsuits involving securities fraud, data breaches, consumer fraud and antitrust violations, Tadler Law attorneys blend class with class action to optimize case results.

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Committed to protecting the rights of employees, Tadler Law attorneys have successfully settled multiple discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, equal pay and other workplace matters for clients.

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As recognized pioneers in eDiscovery, Tadler Law attorneys are adept eDiscovery authorities, practitioners and mentors that leverage advanced technologies to streamline cases.

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Tadler Law attorneys exude unparalleled acumen and power in the conference room¹, boardroom² and courtroom³, instilling clients with calm confidence throughout the entire legal process.

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  • Litigation Acumen
  • Savvy Negotiators
  • Thought Leadership
  • Women Empowered
  • Nationally Recognized
  • Tangible Results 
  • Acute Listening
  • eDiscovery Pioneers
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Precision Alignment
  • Attentive Agility
  • Relentless Grit
  • Business Focused
  • Complex Case Experience
  • Genuine Empathy