In this segment, we dive deeper into our conversation with Ariana Tadler. Ariana is the founding partner of Tadler Law LLP, a WBENC certified women-owned boutique  law firm that offers an array of litigation and legal counseling services. Arianna is considered to be one of the leading litigators in the country, with over 27 years of experience as an advocate for both plaintiffs and defendants, and is the only plaintiff’s lawyer to be ranked repeatedly as a Band 1 eDiscovery practitioner by Chambers & Partners in the Global-USA, and USA-Nationwide categories. You can learn more about Ariana and her team at During our conversation, we discuss the modern practice of law juxtaposed against the backdrop of the Digital Age, and the duty that legal practitioners have to gain and maintain competence. 

Ariana discusses how competence, and even expertise, can be achieved through adopting an ethos of evolution where focusing one’s academic efforts, being mindful in those efforts, and engaging content in a manner geared towards receiving maximum positive impact are all important, if not necessary, skills to develop. She uses her own experience advancing eDiscovery law and practice from the cutting edge to illustrate overarching strategies, specific tactics, and survival tips for those professionals wanting to empower themselves. Ariana lays out her vision for how modern practitioners can take steps to evolve into more effective advocates and stronger members of the legal community in a constantly changing technological landscape.

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