One of the many things that I find so amazing about talking with Ariana Tadler (Band 1-ranked eDiscovery lawyer, founder of Tadler Law and co-founder of Meta-e Discovery), is that she can always take the loftiest concepts, or situations rife with nuance where the typical lawyer response might be “it depends” and give us concrete, practice survival tips based on experience that help move all of us in the legal profession forward. 

In this segment, that singular talent that makes Ariana such a pillar of the eDiscovery and legal communities is on full display. We discuss developing cooperative strategies to deal with even the most aggressive (and less than fully competent) lawyers, tactical olive branches, the practice of law as a collaborative enterprise vs. a no-holds-barred fight, the cooperative constructure being tied to a lawyer’s role as an officer of the court, “authentic engagement” as a strategy for progress, the debate between cooperation vs. zealous advocacy “missing the point”, how COVID impacted cooperative efforts in hugely positive and negative ways, the importance of focusing on “intention and impact” as a legal practitioner, how we get to a result being as important as the result itself, and more. 

Along the way, Ariana offers up some HUGE SURVIVAL TIPS! Check of the full video so you don’t miss a thing or navigate as you wish using the chapter links below.

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