Sheba manages the day-to-day administrative operations of Tadler Law. She has diverse professional experiences spanning a 25+ year-career supporting C-suite executives and managing teams at national and multinational law firms. At Tadler Law, Sheba works closely with senior management on the firm’s short and long-term operational strategies.

Sheba is an active learner and relationship builder. Capitalizing on these skills, she advises firm management on current and innovative administrative and operational industry trends and implements policies and practices of the firm management’s choice.

Forward-thinking and motivated to advance firm efficiencies and professional development for all, Sheba identifies opportunities and arranges for advanced training in various technologies for the Tadler Law team. She is also involved in the firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and Tadler Law’s marketing strategy.

Sheba loves helping clients and is known for her ability to maintain and nurture professional relationships across all levels of an organization.

When not in the office, Sheba is involved in her local community and is passionate in her support for diversity and women-owned businesses.