Pharmaceutical Fraud

Tadler Law attorneys zealously prosecute cases that seek to improve the quality and accountability of prescription drug and medical device markets. Tadler Law attorneys have represented individuals, classes of consumers, state and municipal governments, and public and private corporations in legal challenges against Big Pharma and its improper marketing and pricing practices.

Areas covered by the Tadler Law pharmaceutical fraud practice include:

  • Pay-for-Delay: In a pay-for-delay strategy, a pharmaceutical manufacturer agrees to pay off a potential competitor in an effort to delay entry into the market. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that pay-for-delay schemes cost taxpayers, consumers, and third-party payors over $4 billion per year.
  • Off-label marketing: Federal law prohibits companies from marketing medical devices or drugs for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. “Off-label advertising” occurs when drug companies subvert FDA review by obtaining approval for one use but then promoting it for a different (and often more lucrative) use. When a drug is promoted through off-label advertising, there can be no assurance that the medication is either safe for patients or effective for the unapproved use. When pharmaceutical companies engage in off-label marketing, drug purchasers, including health insurers and consumers, may end up spending huge amounts of money on worthless and possibly dangerous drugs.
  • Personal injury: When pharmaceutical or manufacturing companies are negligent in releasing and distributing dangerous drugs or medical devices to the public, Tadler attorneys take up the battle in the courtroom to pursue justice for their clients.
  • Pricing fraud: Tadler attorneys pursue litigation on behalf of clients, including consumers, unions, corporations, and municipal governments, who overpaid for drugs due to price-inflation schemes.