Data Breach and Privacy Litigation

The Tadler Team has represented consumers and businesses whose confidential data has been exposed or stolen in some of the largest and most significant data breaches in history, including in data breaches at Facebook, Marriott, Equifax, Anthem, and Yahoo!

In addition to their extensive data breach experience, Tadler Law attorneys have litigated other, unique privacy cases against major tech players like Google and RCN. These cases have alleged that cutting-edge technology, or the misuse of that technology, has allowed improper access to, or caused the exposure of, personal and private data without users’ permission.

The Tadler Team works aggressively to vindicate consumers’ and businesses’ privacy rights and hold to account companies that fail to take adequate measures to safeguard confidential data.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a data breach or data privacy violation, please contact us.