Antitrust Litigation

The Tadler Law Antitrust Team has represented clients in complex litigation in state and federal courts throughout the United States to ensure fair competition and integrity in the free market. Tadler Law attorneys, with access to other professional resources, bring seasoned knowledge of antitrust law to bear in cases that target some of the most powerful and well-funded corporate interests in the world. These cases frequently expose concealed unlawful conduct such as price-fixing, monopolization, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, patent suppression, and refusals to deal. Tadler Team members have experience in pharmaceutical fraud cases where drug companies misrepresented the characteristics of its products or colluded with other entities in order to keep its drug prices artificially high.

Tadler Law attorneys have successfully prosecuted numerous antitrust cases and are recognized leaders in advocating remedies and restitution for consumers, businesses, and investors wronged by anti-competitive conduct. Tadler Team members also have experience in antitrust cases related to consumer products. A member of the Tadler Team served on the Trial Prep Committee when her prior firm was Liaison Counsel in In re TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litigation, MDL Case No. 07-1827, against several of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers (alleging that a cartel of major international manufacturers fixed the prices of LCD displays used in computer monitors, laptops, televisions, cell phones, and other products). The case resulted in more than $400 million in settlements.