Tadler Law’s team is well versed in litigating national antitrust matters in various industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. Our attorneys work on large cases frequently exposing anticompetitive conduct such as price-fixing, pay-for-delay, monopolization, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, patent suppression, and refusals to deal. To that end, Partners A.J. de Bartolomeo and Brian Morrison and Senior Associate Joann Militano are part of the Direct Purchasers’ leadership team in In re Glumetza Antitrust Litigation, No. 3:19-cv-5822 (N.D. Cal.), a case alleging that defendants violated federal antitrust laws by engaging in a scheme to charge supracompetitive prices for the diabetes prescription drug Glumetza. Ms. de Bartolomeo was appointed to the Direct Purchaser’s Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee.

Several of our attorneys have also litigated large antitrust matters in other industries at their prior firms, including consumer electronics and financial services. For example, a member of the Tadler Team served on the Trial Prep Committee when her prior firm was Liaison Counsel in In re TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litigation, MDL Case No. 07-1827, against several of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers (alleging that a cartel of major international manufacturers fixed the prices of LCD displays used in computer monitors, laptops, televisions, cell phones, and other products). The case resulted in more than $400 million in settlements.

If you have been economically harmed by anticompetitive conduct, please contact us.